Innovation and Technology Management Office, University of Lagos

The Innovation and Technology Management Office (ITMO) of the University of Lagos (UNILAG-ITMO) facilitates and implements the process of identifying, protecting, marketing/disseminating and licensing inventions, technologies, and creations of members of the UNILAG community in order to benefit the public in keeping with the vision of the University in the pursuit of excellence in knowledge, character and service to serve humanity.

The Office is responsible for ensuring that society utilizes the research findings or inventions or other creative works of the University and provides a platform for sustained and mutually rewarding engagement between the University and the larger society it serves. UNILAG ITMO connects industry partners, entrepreneurs, investors with the pool of expertise at the University for providing innovative solutions to real-time societal challenges. The office provides direct, personal and comprehensive services to its patrons across the value chain of invention disclosure, management, marketing as well as technology evaluation and transfer.

Vision Statement

The vision of the office is to encourage innovation among faculty and students of the University towards facilitating societal economic development through transformations of scientific and technological discoveries of the University into products and services for beneficial returns to the University.

Mission Statement

UNILAG-ITMO seeks to maintain a consistent culture of providing competitive cost effective technology transfer services to business enterprise with transformable effect on societal well-being in a manner consistent with UNILAG's pursuit of excellence in knowledge, character and service to humanity.

Philosophy and Licensing Social Responsibility

UNILAG-ITMO operational framework is anchored on socially responsible licensing as highlighted in "in the Public Interest: Nine Points to Consider in Licensing University Technology" document particularly items in Point 9 of the document which recommends that technology transfer or management offices should consider including provisions that address unmet needs, such as neglected patient populations or geographic areas, giving particular attention to improved therapeutics, diagnostics and agricultural technologies for the developing world.

ITMO Activity Flow
Process diagram


UNILAG Community

  • Scouting for and receiving invention disclosure from members of the University community.
  • Interfacing with inventors/innovators in the preparation of disclosure documents and process of disclosure.
  • Managing, coordinating and keeping records of intellectual property flow in the University.
  • Capacity building in the innovation space for members of the University community.
  • Establishing commercialisation model for protected inventions in conjunction with the Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Centre.
  • Providing administrative and technical supports in the packaging of patent documents.
  • Facilitating translation of research/development to innovation and linking R & D of members of the University community to entrepreneurship and commercialization.
  • Providing patent specification drafting and filing services to the public at approved fees.
  • Conducting periodic sectorial survey to identify industry and society problems as well as proffer solutions.
  • Scouting for, securing and maintaining external partnership towards providing sustainable resource to support innovation activities in the University.
  • Mounting training programs in conjunction with UNILAG Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Centre (ESDC) to expose individuals to a wide range of technology transfer activities for enhanced skills and experience in the process of commercial development of inventions.

Industry Partners

  • Facilitates identification of technologies and expertise that meet business needs
  • Coordinate and manage the licensing process to ensure fair terms
  • Sustain constant engagement between University expertise and industry
  • Conducting industry specific innovation challenge competitions (e.g. Hackathon) in conjunction with industry partners.
  • Providing technology transfer and evaluation services to companies for the benefit of the society.
  • In conjunction with the Research Office, ensure fair and reasonable intellectual property terms on sponsored research contracts and collaborative agreements
  • Work with the Corporate Affairs Unit of the University to facilitate broader interactions between university experts and industry partners.

Entrepreneurs and Inventors

  • Discuss the potential for incubation and start-ups with inventors or entrepreneurs based on UNILAG Research and Innovation policy.
  • Facilitate access of investors or entrepreneurs to UNILAG innovation and technologies.
  • Coordinate on-campus meeting between investors/entrepreneurs and UNILAG experts.
  • Arrange access to campus-based entrepreneurial workshops/conferences/seminars and research centres. These mandates in term of workflow in the ITMO are further illustrated graphically below.