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  • Workshops and Masterclass on Innovation and Technology Management (March and October)
  • UNILAG Annual 2-Cycle Innovation Challenge (Hackathon) (on call)
  • Researcher/Inventor, Entrepreneur, Investor quarterly engagement
  • Patent Specification Drafting Services

A Brief on the Achievement of Innovation Unit

A desk-level office known as the Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Office (IPPTO) within the ITMO office recently extended its services to members of the public with a view to providing assistance in all activities relating to patenting. The service features of the IPTTO desk office are illustrated in the accompany chart.

In the last eighteen months, the unit has obtained five (11) patents for the various inventions of faculty and students alike and another set of three (3) applications are being packaged for submission to the Patent Registry. Also within this period, two (2) number creative works from our students for cinematography are ready for copyright protection.

ITMO Operation
Process diagram

Some of the latest inventions by ITMO-UNILAG are below:

  1. Automatic voice biometric verification solution with actuarial valuation add-in for remote biometric verification and actuarial analytics
  2. Vehicular road advanced electronic flood caution device
  3. Katenate-oye organic chemistry board game
  4. An intelligent real-time waste management monitoring system
  5. Apparatus and process for indirect hot-air convective thermal drying of foodstuff
  6. Unique improved selective fishing traps
  7. Solar powered neonate phototherapy device station
  8. Epoxy particulate hybrid nanocomposite for automobile bumper applications
  9. Road vehicle blackbox security surveillance system
  10. The new product unveiler
  11. A developed thick dual-slot antenna for microwave ablation of breast tumour Creative Works (Cinematography)
  12. The Wild Conscript
  13. Now and Beyond

The first four of these inventions have been prototyped. Indeed, the invention on automatic voice biometric verification is almost ready for commercial launch. Thus, the UNILAG Innovation Unit is primed to link research and inventions to societal needs for greater impact and rewards.