It was an epoch making event as the entire university gathered to celebrate the investment of NNPC/NAE PSC in our institution's Innovation space. The Vice-Chancellor Prof. Folasade, who is a lover of Innovation, was at the occasion.

Innovation has always been at the forefront of human progress. From the invention of the wheel to the creation of the internet, innovation has shaped the course of history and transformed the way we live. In this rapidly changing world, innovation is more important than ever. To us at the University of Lagos, innovation is key to driving the vision of the university to produce graduates that are ready for the future of work and work of the future. Surely, we desire and aspire to be future-ready while ensuring that we take care of the present.  This we shall accomplish by deliberately and strategically leveraging networks and goodwill available to the university in transforming the university to the innovation workspace of the country in fulfilment of our vision and mission statements. 

The entire university staff and students sincerely appreciate the NAE PSC for starting and completing this project for the benefit of the Nigerian Innovators.

Students and staff are encouraged to make use of this fabrication laboratory that has been equipped to help in scaling up their prototypes.