The ITMO in conjunction with the ESDC shall facilitates the connection of faculty, staff, students and entrepreneurs to the expertise, facilities and funding that are needed to ensure an invention (usually patented) is successfully brought to reality providing utility and generating wealth.

The University's Innovation Hub in the neighborhood of the ESDC is specifically built to provide space for the incubation and mentorship of innovative ideas with both translational and transformational potentials. The Hub provides strategic platforms for real-time long lasting collaboration with expert experience to break the gap between innovation and the market place.

Our mentorship programmes undertaken at the Innovation Hub are to expand enterpreneurial activities, facilitates start-ups, help incubator ventures accelerate quickly, improve profitability, and make such ventures attractive to inventors/venture capitalists. The programmes focus on the innovator not the innovation.

Innovators undergoing mentorship shall be exposed to experience and knowledge in management, marketing, branding, start-up business development strategy and product development

The UNILAG Innovation Hub is where the small sparks begin to take shape as the sum of many parts from many stakeholders.

Type of Mentorship Available

On-campus Mentorship

Under this programme, mentees are provided with on-campus mentors in relevant innovative ideas. This route is most suited for someone who has an idea or already launched a venture. It is equally appropriate for anyone who has a couple of ideas but has not figured how to get started, or does not have an idea but is desirous of getting involved, or is interested in social innovation and social enterprise.

Match-up with an Alumnus Founder

This is provided for faculty, student and staff-innovator to benefit from the experience and accomplishment of UNILAG graduates to mentor enrollees at various stages of development. This route is anchored on the fact that successful young UNILAG alumni in the entrepreneurship world have a rare combination of experience and empathy for early stage entrepreneurs which may not be available from seasoned entrepreneurs. The Alumni mentorship programme shall maximise opportunities for early start-up to acquire necessary skills and access valuable entrepreneurship support in a real-world environment.

Connect with Peers

This option provides informal connection for early start-ups to connect to a list of peer founders in related business world available in the database for support, business facilitation or feedback on a business idea. The UNILAG Innovation Hub provides a perfect space for connection with peers in working on innovative ideas capable of cascading to successful business ventures.