The Innovation and Technology Management Office (ITMO) University of Lagos partnered with the Intellectual Property Club UNILAG (IP Club UNILAG) to celebrate the 2024 World Intellectual Property Day with the theme "IP and SDGs: Building our Common Future with Innovation and Creativity." The celebration marks the significance of IP and highlights the critical role of Intellectual Property (IP) rights in driving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda. Recognising the transformative power of innovation and creativity in achieving sustainable development, the event aimed to raise awareness and promote the importance of protecting IP rights.

As part of the celebration, ITMO and IP Club UNILAG staged a sensitisation walk on the Akoka and Idi Araba campuses, engaging students, faculty, and staff in discussions about the intersection of IP and SDGs. The walk served as a platform to emphasize the need for robust IP frameworks to foster innovation, encourage creativity, and facilitate technology transfer for societal impact.

In addition to the sensitisation walk, the collaboration extended its reach through a Radio talk show on UNILAG Radio FM, where experts from the ITMO and Faculty of Law UNILAG discussed the contributions of the University of Lagos in leveraging IP rights to advance the SDGs. The talk show provided a forum to share insights, experiences, and best practices.

There was also a fireside chat session between members of the IP Club, ITMO and Industry experts, discussing various aspects of IP and how it contributes to SDGs. In addition, the Dean of the Faculty of Law and other faculty members addressed the participants encouraging them to be creative and innovative and at the same ensure that their innovations are protected under the Law.

Through these activities, ITMO and IP Club UNILAG reaffirmed their commitment to promoting a culture of innovation, creativity, and responsible IP management for sustainable development. Their efforts underscored the importance of harnessing intellectual property as a catalyst for positive change and building a common future grounded in innovation and creativity.