There are many ways industry could partner with the University for synergy. ITMO's operational mandates empower it to navigate the most effective partnering strategy for industry. ITMO strategy for industry engagement offers flexible bespoke alternatives to a "one size fits all" approach.

ITMO has cognate experience developing partnerships that focus on either specific or broader industry needs at any stage of industrial activities be it at the research stage or development stage. In addition to facilitating the right partnership structure for both the University and industry, the Office equally coordinates all partnership negotiations, contracting, and campus-wide sourcing of research projects of interest. UNILAG boasts of excellent mix of expertise across faculties capable of providing translational research solutions to industry needs.

ITMO recognizes that most early stage technology solutions require significant investment to bring them to commercial launch. Therefore, it is critical that start-up promoters (entrepreneurs) must be willing to commit their resources (time, finance, faith and doggedness) to make the inventions successful. ITMO as an institutional unit in conjunction with the Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Centre (ESDC) is willing to negotiate with new companies to craft agreements that are consistent with other licenses which will make them succeed. A typical technology transfer process from idea to start-up (commercial launch) can be conceptualized as a continuous cycle in which discoveries from research in the laboratories are developed into licensed product in the market which can then assist fund the next generation of research and innovation as illustrated in the cycle below

ITMO can coordinate and direct industry to appropriate contacts within UNILAG for specific needs.

Illustration of univerity-industry patnership

Industry may partner with UNILAG faculties in any of the following areas:

  • Commercialisation of invention
  • Sharing of materials
  • Collaboration on joint projects
  • Facilitating the setting up of start-up company

Kindly contact ITMO to discuss how a partnership with UNILAG can best address your needs and how the Office facilitates such partnership.